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Customer Appreciation Party of Long Hau Industrial Park - Long Hau 3 Industrial Park Project Launch

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Hanh Ngan | 2019-01-15 11:01:50
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WhatsApp Image 2019-01-15 at 13.15.521The management board of Long Hau Industrial Park on the Customer Appreciation Party and Long Hau 3 Industrial Park Project Launch 2019

Customer Appreciation Party of Long Hau Industrial Park


Despite extremely busy days, Long Hau Corporation has been warmly welcomed guests who are representative, leaders and managers operating in Long Hau Industrial Park to attend program.

The event is one of the activities of Long Hau Corporation regularly held at the end of the year to pay tribute, create trust and maintain good relationships with customers, increased refined mental link between the businesses of Long Hau industrial zone.

With the motto "All for customer’s satisfaction", in the coming time the Long Hau Corporation will increasingly enhance quality and diversified services, utilities in Long Hau Industrial Park to meet the maximum needs of enterprises, aiming for sustainable development.


Long Hau 3 Industrial Park Project Launch

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-15 at 13.15.52

Recently, Long Hau Joint Stock Company has just constructed the Ready-Built Factory in Da Nang Hi-tech Park. LHC representative said that the project quickly received the attention of manufacturing enterprises in the field of high technology and supporting industries in the region.

Da Nang - the first high-tech park in Central Vietnam and the third national multi-functional high-tech zone. With a strategic geographical position that adjacent to 6 industrial parks in Danang and central economic zones, located on the gateway to the East-West economic corridor, the Hi-tech Park aims to become a driving force for the development of Science – Technology, Economy - Society of the Central region and Central Highlands in particular, of nationwide in general.

Enterprises will be exempt from tax on imported goods to create fixed assets in high-tech park projects such as machinery, components, transport means, construction materials ... which is applied to the entire project, both for new and expanded investment projects. Besides, enterprises also enjoy exemption from import duty within 5 years from the start of production for domestic materials, supplies and components which have not been produced locally, which imported for the purpose of investment into high-tech zones.

In addition, investors, experts and workers who are Vietnamese residing abroad, as well as foreigners working directly in high-tech zones and their family members are considered to be granted multiple entry visas with the appropriate deadline for entry purposes.

The factory model is designed according to modern standards, full office and equipment system, with a flexible area of 500-3,300m2. In addition, Long Hau also provides a full range of support services throughout the operation of enterprises in Da Nang, based on the experience and capabilities that Long Hau has implemented over the past 12 years.

"With the advantage of the experience of developing industrial park infrastructure and attracting previous FDI of LHC, Long Hau high-tech Ready Built factory - Da Nang will be the option to fully meet the needs of investors, helping investors save time and costs, quickly go into production and business activities, "said Bui Le Anh Hieu – Director of Long Hau Joint Stock Company in Da Nang Branch


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