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Safe fruit & vegetables struggling to find favor

Producers of safe fruit and vegetables are still up against it in trying to eke out a respectable market share. Add : Krzysztof Hajłasz | 27.04.2018 Vietnam, agriculture, green technology

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Vietnamese firms should embrace fourth industrial revolution: commerce chamber

Vietnam's automation-savvy firms will be helped to establish international networks and adopt the last technologies. Add : Krzysztof Hajłasz | 27.04.2018 Vietnam, technology, 4.0

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Manufacturing retains its dominant position in FDI projects

While FDI project numbers and capital continue to rise, there is change afoot when it comes to industries and investing countries. Add : Krzysztof Hajłasz | 12.03.2018 Vietnam, manufacturing, FDI

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Pacific trade deal to boost Vietnam's economy, drive reforms: World Bank

Textiles, footwear and beverages are expected to enjoy a boost thanks to lower tariffs. Add : Krzysztof Hajłasz | 12.03.2018 Vietnam, CPTPP, Trade, PAIH

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Vietnam named among countries least prepared for Fourth Industrial Revolution

A World Economic Forum report says the country ranks low in terms of education, human resources, innovation and technology. Add : Krzysztof Hajłasz | 12.03.2018 Vietnam, PAIH, technology, World Business Forum, WBF

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More Vietnamese shift to online shopping ahead of Tet

Many office workers don't have time to shop at the already overcrowded supermarkets. Add : Krzysztof Hajłasz | 05.03.2018 Vietnam, e-commerce, internet, shopping, Tet

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Why foreign banks are turning tail and pulling out of Vietnam

Foreign banks concerned about poor risk management or faced with fierce competition in Vietnam have been withdrawing their investments. Add : Krzysztof Hajłasz | 05.03.2018 bank, finance, vietnam

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Vietnam enjoys fastest wealth growth in the world: report

Much of that growth is due to the surge in super rich individuals living in the country. Add : Krzysztof Hajłasz | 06.02.2018 Vietnam, wealth, ultra-rich, growth

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Market Analysis

Market Analysis: Consumer healthcare trends 2015, Retail Foods Hanoi Vietnam 2013, Shifting Consumer Landscapes, Vietnam consumer landscape, Vietnam consumer trends 2016, Vietnam Profile 2017. Add : Anna Woińska | 05.04.2018 about vietnam, Market Analysis, Consumer healthcare trends, Retail Foods Hanoi Vietnam, Shifting Consumer Landscapes, Vietnam consumer landscape, Vietnam consumer trends, Vietnam Profile

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